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Akhmadiev F.G.1, Farakhov M.I.2, Isyanov C.K.2

1 Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering, Kazan, Russia
2 Engineering Promotional Center "Inzhekhim", Kazan, Russia


Akhmadiev, F.G., Farakhov, M.I. and Isyanov, C.K., (2015) Nonisothermal flow of a two-phase medium in the pipe with permeable wall, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #1(16), PP. 49 - 54.


non-isothermal flow; filtration; two-phase suspension; permeability; non-Newtonian medium; mechanics of multiphase media


Studied the hydrodynamic conditions in the tubular filter elements operating in non-isothermal conditions. For a description of the two-phase separation process of suspensions used the equations of mechanics of heterogeneous media, which are recorded and simplified in a cylindrical coordinate system with the features of the currents. The problem is solved semi-analytic. Using the methods of the surface is spending and Slezkin, numerical calculations of the constructed mathematical models for specific implementations of the separation process. For calculating the thickness of the cake layer as well as dispersed inclusions and their average concentration across the cross section of the flow domain, appropriate differential equations derived from the balance conditions for solid phase are used.
The constructed mathematical model allows to calculate the non-isothermal processes of a two-phase environments in different modes in channels and tubes with permeable walls and define all the characteristics of the separation process and the size of the filter.


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