2013 2(13)

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Yakimova I.S., Fursov I.D., Zhukov E.B.

I.I.Polzunov Altai State Technical University, Barnaul, Russia


Yakimova, I.S., Fursov, I.D. and Zhukov, E.B., (2013) Research of burning low quality coal, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #2(13), PP. 173 - 178.


lignite; brown coal; low-grade coal; vortex combustion technology; fuel combustion; numerical modeling


Higher prices for oil and gas, as well as significantly lower their reserves, in compare with reserves of solid fuels, makes less and less attractive the use of gaseous and liquid fuels for steam and hot water boilers of low and medium power. Existing technologies for burning low-grade fuels have a number of limitations that prevent full use of the energy inherent of them. The use of alternative energy of the fuel is also difficult and insufficient knowledge of the properties of these fuels and their combustion processes in a furnace devices. Results of experiments on combustion of single particles of fuel were carried out. The formula for calculating the time of the stages of combustion of the fuel particles is obtained. The calculated and experimental data were used for the numerical simulation of aerodynamics combustion equipment in the calculation of the required residence time of the particles in the volume of a burning furnace to complete combustion. The proposed formula can be used in the calculation of such schemes burning of low-grade fuel. It is refined values of the following factors when burned in the combustion chamber swirl of Munayskiy quarry brown coal: coefficient of thermal efficiency of screens coefficient taking into account the position of the maximum temperature of the flame, the heat loss from the chemical and mechanical incomplete combustion of fuel. On the basis of analyzing the characteristics of Munayskiy quarry brown coal it is provided guidance on further construction of combustion equipment for its efficient combustion.


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