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Burov A.A., Burov A.I., Karamushko A.V., Maksimovskaya E.S., Tsabiev O.N.

Odessa national polytechnic university, Odessa, Ukraine


Burov, A.A., Burov, A.I., Karamushko, A.V., Maksimovskaya, E.S. and Tsabiev, O.N., (2013) Separation and filtration of gas extrass in atmosphere, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #2(13), PP. 12 - 17. doi: 10.23877/MS.TS.15.002.


extras; researches; function; dust; cleaning


The technical and economic parameters of the gas cleaning systems are considered and perspective of des-dusting of extrass is confirmed in an atmosphere by combination in the consistently united curvilinear gas channels with the reserved contours of centrifugal separation and frequent continuous filtration of gases through the circulatory layers of ash or dust. Efficiency of the use of filters is reasonable with feed-backs (by the reserved contours) at replacement of natural gas a hard fuel. Comparable to a fabric filters dust removal gas emissions into the atmosphere is achieved with ten or more closed loops. Filters with feedback (closed loop) with two different outputs of the purified gas provide the necessary clearance for small numbers of series-connected curvilinear channels. By analogy with the vortex tube through one output terminal of the central part of the swirling flow of transit (clean gas) through another exit passes the peripheral portion, which requires further purification. Installation in the combustion space the system of channels serially connected a closed loop increases the residence time in the high temperature zone of the flue gases and prevents the formation of dioxins in them.


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