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Litvinenko Yu.A.1, Kozlov V.V.1, Grek G.R.1, Katasonov M.M.1, Shmakov A.G.2, Korobeynichev O.P.2

1 Khristianovich Institute Of Theoretical And Applied Mechanics SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
2 Voevodsky Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia


Litvinenko, Yu.A., Kozlov, V.V., Grek, G.R., Katasonov, M.M., Shmakov, A.G. and Korobeynichev, O.P., (2013) Influence of acoustic oscillations on the diffusion combustion of propane in the micro-jet, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #1(12), PP. 36 - 41.


microjet; acoustic; flow visualization; hot wire measurements; flame; combustion


The results of experimental investigations of the round and plane microjet with a “top-hat” and parabolic velocity profile at the nozzle exit under the acoustic oscillations at low Reynolds numbers are presented. It was found that the microjet and macrojet transformed under the influence of the acoustic field. However, for the case of microjet the generation of vortex rings doesn’t occur and a new transformation mechanism of the round jet into the plane jet develops with sinusoidal instability, which is typical for the plane jets. The visualization pictures of a propane diffusion combustion in the microjet are showed, features of development of the instability under the convective forces are noted.


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