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Ivanov N.G., Ris V.V., Shchur N.A.

Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University (National Research University), St.Peterburg, Russia


Ivanov, N.G., Ris, V.V. and Shchur, N.A., (2013) Неат transfer from tube banks of subsea coolers, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #1(12), PP. 382 - 388.


tube bank; subsea cooler; free convection; heat transfer; numerical modeling


Direct numerical simulation of buoyancy-induced 3D turbulent flow of sea water through sparse tube banks has been performed. Ejection of water through side borders induced by water side flow due to draft effect was examined numerically. The influence of the length of the tube-bank pipe straight sections on the water ejection has been investigated. It was shown that signifi cant extension of the straight section up to 130 diameters does not reduce the ejection: the water flow through side boundaries is intensive either for short or for long straight sections of the pipe. On the whole, the signifi cant influence of ejection through side boundaries of tube bank on the integral heat transfer coefficient level is negative and reduces the heat output from the passive buoyancy-affected coolers.


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