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Bogomolov A.R.1, Alekseev M.V.1, Sorokin A.L.1, Pribaturin N.A.1, Kagakin E.I.2, Shevyrev S.A.2

1 Institute of Thermophysics SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia
2 Kuzbass State Technical University, Kemerovo, Russia


Bogomolov, A.R., Alekseev, M.V., Sorokin, A.L., Pribaturin, N.A., Kagakin, E.I. and Shevyrev, S.A., (2013) Simulation of two stage gasifier for conversion of coal and sludge in the flow of superheated steam, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #1(12), PP. 316 - 321.


superheated vapor; conversion of coal and sludge


In connection with the significant increase planned by 2020 in the share of coal in power balance of the Russian Federation it is becoming urgent to develop technology of nonfuel use of coal wastes. Increase of extraction and enrichment of coal leads to increased amount of waste of coal industry. The waste contains significant organic component in the amount of economically beneficial to use, but not quite suitable for processing with the use of existing traditional technologies. Such waste are high-ash sludge, waste of coal-concentrating factories and dropout generated in coal mining, as well as low-grade coals. Therefore, of great importance is the development of technology of nonfuel use of organic part of low-grade coals and wastes of coal-mining industry. Gasification with using of superheated water vapor is one of the technologies of processing of such materials with high humidity and ash content. Technology of steam superheating can be based on the burning of stoichiometric oxygen-hydrogen mixture in a steam flow. In relation to raising efficiency of energy devices this technology is under development both in our country and abroad. The advantage of using of superheated water vapor as active agent is confirmed by recent foreign studies. Processes of drying, carbonization and steam reforming of carbonized raw materials subsequently proceed at steam gasification. Earlier authors carried out numerical simulation of steam gasification of coal and sludge in the flow of superheated steam in a joint course of all these processes in one gasifier. The simulation results showed that the combination of processes of drying, carbonization and steam reforming in one gasifier is not effective. To improve the performance of steam gasification of carbon containing materials development of two-stage technology is more perspective. Processes of drying and carbonization of coal and sludge proceed at the first stage of technology. Steam conversion of carbonized product obtained in the first stage proceeds at the second stage technology. This work presents the results of numerical simulation of processes of heat and mass transfer at steam gasification of coal and sludge in a two-stage gasifier with thermal power of steam flow 50 kW for each stage. Slurry coal of CP «Berezovskaja»was selected as solid fuel for modeling gasification.


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