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Alabuzhev A.A.

Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics UrB RAS, Perm', Russia


Alabuzhev, A.A., (2013) Vibrations influence on contact angle hysteresis of compressible drops, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #1(12), PP. 296 - 301.


contact angle hysteresis; compressible drop; vibrations


Investigated the forced oscillations of the bubble, which has to balance the shape of the cylinder, and limited in the axial direction of the two hard parallel surfaces, under the action of axial vibration. The state equation of a gas is described by the polytropic process. In the presence of contact angle hysteresis, the compressible drop exhibits two kinds of terminal oscillations: either with the stick-slip motion of the contact line or with the completely immobile contact line. Due to the dissipative nature of the effective boundary condition there is a stable regime of nonlinear oscillations. However, due to the compressibility of the possible occurrence of resonances associated with the natural vibration frequency of a compressible bubble. Data were obtained on the surface of the deviation and the frequency characteristics depending on the constant hawking and the characteristic value of the contact angle.


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