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Khramtsov D.P., Nekrasov D.A., Pokusaev B.G., Kondrashov N.P.

University of Mechanical Engineering, Moscow, Russia


Khramtsov, D.P., Nekrasov, D.A., Pokusaev, B.G. and Kondrashov, N.P., (2013) Modelling of slug flow dynamics in inclined pipes with packed beads, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #1(12), PP. 214 - 219.


slug flow; multiphase flow; granular layer; Lattice Boltzmann Method


Experimental studying of slug flow dynamics in inclined pipes for gas-liquid and gas-liquidsolids systems were performed. For liquid phase water and ethanol were used. Glass beads with diameters from 3 up to 20 mm were used as solid phase. Non monotonic dependence of slug flow speed vs angle of pipe inclination was shown. Adding solid particles shifts the maximum of velocity to greater inclination angles of pipe relatively to the horizontal plane. Slug flow speed in packed beads can be greater or less than in pure liquid, depending on diameter of beads. Small diameters of beads leads to choking of slug flow. Simulation model, based on lattice Boltzmann method, was developed. Parallel algorithm was performed on graphical processor nVidia Tesla C2075. Simulation results are in agreement with the experimental studies.


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