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Pismennyy E.N., Rogachev V.A., Baranyuk A.V., Reva S.A., Panasyuk A.P.

National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", Kiev, Ukraine


Pismennyy, E.N., Rogachev, V.A., Baranyuk, A.V., Reva, S.A. and Panasyuk, A.P., (2013) Heat transfer and aerodynamics of packaged helical-shaped tubes with equally developed heat transfer surfaces, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #1(12), PP. 13 - 18.


tube; helical-shaped; heat transfer; aerodynamic drag


The challenge of improving heat transfer surfaces of air waste heat recoverers for GTP gas pumping units, which are used in compressor stations of gas transportation system of Ukraine, is the issue of a day. Economizing and efficient waste heat recovery units with reduced metal consumption and size are required to be installed to the gas turbine output with the aim of domestic GTP efficiency coefficient increase. This is easy and relatively inexpensive way to increase efficiency and reduce the use of natural gas for GTP self needs. Now, heat transfer surfaces of heat recovery units are made of conventional round tubes, and their thermal-aerodynamic efficiency almost can not be increased. For this reason, air waste heat recovery units and gas heaters for GTP are of very large size and mass. It is possible to lessen these parameters by using effective intensified heating surfaces which are made of helical-shaped tubes with equally-developed surfaces. Thus, this work deals with the study of thermal-aerodynamic performances of new helical-shaped tubes with equally-developed heat transfer surfaces made by means of outer rolling from smooth round tube. Helical-shaped tubes are proposed to be used as the basic elements for heat transfer surfaces of air waste heat recovery units for gas turbines, no-contact gas fuel pre-heaters, air heaters and boilers, etc. Heat transfer and aerodynamics while internal longitudinal airflow through helical-shaped tubes of two sizes with different heights of lugs and gaps between them, have been studied. It is demonstrated, that due to considered design, the intensity of heat transfer in the helical-shaped tube could be increased 1,45 – 2,4 times at the 8-9 times drag increase comparatively to smooth round tubes within the Reynolds numbers range of (10 - 60)·103. Thermal aerodynamic performances of staggered packages of helical-shaped tubes while cross air flow through them have been investigated within the Reynolds numbers range of (5 - 70)·103. At that, S1 - cross-sectional step between the adjacent tubes of studied packages varied from 42 mm to 70 mm and S2 - longitudinal step varied from 36,5 mm to 90 mm. The dependences of heat transfer and aerodynamic drag of helical-shaped tubes vs. their geometric parameters and arrangement were determined. It is claimed, that the heat transfer intensity while cross flow through the packages of helical-shaped tubes with equally developed surfaces increases by (8-12)% at Re = 5·103 comparatively to the similar packages of round tubes and by (25-35)% at Re = (60-80)·103. At the same time, the reduction of aerodynamic drag by (25-35)% for Re < 7·103 has been observed.


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