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Borisenko D.I., Lipovetskiy A.V.

Moscow State University of Technologies and Management named after K.G.Razumovskiy, Moscow, Russia


Borisenko, D.I. and Lipovetskiy, A.V., (2013) Coal combustion by exposure to focused sunlight and open flame: comparison of acoustic signals, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #0(TTPT), PP. 67 - 74.


coal; fire; spontaneous combustion; diagnostics; acoustic pulse; the spectral characteristics


This work is devoted to a problem of diagnostics of seats of fire in coal embankments. Such situations can take place on any coal congestions. For example, on thermal power plants, in bunkers of vessels, in coal warehouses. Work can be actual in mining for search of seats of fire in waste dumps. If at the authorized burning, for example, in the fire chambers, harmful products of burning are caught by special filters, at ignition in warehouses no filters are present, and harmful products of burning get to environment. This problem is especially actual in production of sugar when harmful products of burning get to food. In work was passed the experiment on registration of acoustic radiation which arises in a coal sample at the burning caused by the various reasons for the first time is made. The focused sunlight and open flame of burning isobutane were such reasons. In experiment Minusinsk long-flame coal of the DPK brand from "Stepnoy" coal mine of the Republic of Khakassia of the Russian Federation was used. Spectral characteristics for the acoustic impulses arising in these situations are received. Comparison of spectral characteristics of such impulses is carried out. Similarities and distinctions of spectral characteristics of these impulses for experimental conditions are shown. For both cases of influence values of spectral characteristics are quite clearly divided into the isolated groups. In the conditions of carrying out experiment in both cases of influence there is a group of values of spectral characteristics with values of frequencies at range of 25-70 Hz. The data obtained for influence by the focused sunlight, are characterized by group of values around the frequencies equal to 100-300 Hz; the data obtained for influence by open flame of burning isobutane, are characterized by group of values around the frequencies equal to 4 and 7 kHz. The conclusion about possibility of diagnostics of the centers of ignition in coal congestions on acoustic radiation is drawn. Possible options of realization of the stated way of diagnostics are offered.


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