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Goncharov V.V.

Institute of Chemical Technology of East Ukrainian National University named after Volodymyr Dahl, Rubezhnoe, Ukraine


Goncharov, V.V., (2013) Methane combustion catalysts synthesized by the method of ionic implantation on steel 12x18h10t, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #0(TTPT), PP. 60 - 66. doi: 10.23877/MS.TS.13.008.


catalyst; combustion of methane; ionic implantation; metal foil; conversion


The issue of applying of supported composites containing Ni, Ti, Cr, Al, N on the surface of stainless steel in the catalytic combustion of methane is considered in the article. The samples based on the metal foil (12X18H10T steel) with a thickness of 0.1 mm are synthesized with the method of ionic implantation.
The study of catalytic properties of the implants was conducted in a flow-type setting with a quartz microreactor. The samples were cut into strips of 0.1×20×10 mm and crimped. A mixture of methane with air and helium with methane contents of 0.2 and 4% by weight was a reaction mixture.
The diagrams of the conversion of methane in samples on the temperature of the reaction mixture were obtained as a result of investigations. It is shown that the catalytic activity of composites in these reactions depends on the nature of the ions. It is established that among of the synthesized samples the composite with nickel ions, implanted after aluminum ions, has the maximum activity in the process. A comparison of the catalytic activity of the samples and the sample synthesized with the conventional plasma coating of the aluminum substrate depending on the temperature is developed. It is shown that the implants have less activity than the sample containing platinum at a low concentration of methane in the reaction mixture. It is determined that the activity of the samples synthesized by the method of ionic implantation which do not contain platinum group metals after thirty days of operation in the oxidation of methane with its content of 4% is higher than that of Pt/Al/SS sample prepared by the using the method of gas plasma after its operation for three days.
Since publications about the using of ionic implantation technology as a synthesis way of catalysts of hydrocarbons combustion, in particular methane, are practically absent, this study has a significant scientific interest. Partial or complete replacement of the catalyst systems with platinum group metals in the oxidation of methane to implants containing Ni, Ti, Cr, Al, N ions is of great practical value. Due to the high mechanical and thermal properties, lower cost and high catalytic activity, the obtained composites can be recommended as the elements of burners of whole range of gas equipment.


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