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Borisenko D.I.

Moscow State University of Technologies and Management named after K.G.Razumovskiy, Moscow, Russia


Borisenko, D.I., (2013) Acoustic diagnostics of fires in the goaf coal mines, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #0(TTPT), PP. 181 - 187.


acoustic radiation; fire; coal mine production


Article belongs to mining. Work is devoted to a problem of determination of coordinates of seats of fire in the worked out area of coal mines. The main part of endogenous fires on coal mines occurs in the worked out area. As economically, so and for safety reasons not to extinguish already arisen fires more reasonably, instead of to allow their emergence. Fire-fighting at early stages is represented to the most effective. In article possibility of diagnostics of the centers of ignitions in the worked out area on characteristic acoustic radiation is shown. Coal is the multicomponent environment. Structural elements, from which coal consists, possess various thermophysical properties. At heat supply to coal substance various structural elements of coal change the form, the sizes and spatial orientation with a different speed. As a result of it between them there is tension. At continuation of heating of tension exceed threshold values, and links between the next structural elements are broken. At further continuation of heating microgaps unite in macrogaps and cracks are formed. Process of cracking is accompanied by acoustic radiation. Because of frequent reflections from limits of the section of environments at propagation on fill-up environment acoustic radiation strongly fades. Therefore it is claimed that for most informational content it is necessary to register the acoustic radiation, which propagate on an undisturbed acoustic path. Such path represents not taked out part of coal layer, the seam floor and a seam roof of coal layer It is offered to install acoustic sensors in not taken out part of coal layer, the seam floor and a seam roof of coal layer, and also to place on sections of powered supports. It is claimed that this approach is applicable for situations which can be presented in the form of flat tasks. It is noted that the stated approach in pure form isn't applicable to volume tasks, for example, for search of seats of fire in waste dumps in mining.


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