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Kravchenko O.V., Suvorova I.G., Goman V.A., Musienko E.Yu., Danilenko A.M.

A.N.Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems of NAS of Ukraine, Kharkov, Ukraine


Kravchenko, O.V., Suvorova, I.G., Goman, V.A., Musienko, E.Yu. and Danilenko, A.M., (2013) Complex for carrying out researches of processes of production, preparation and burning new types of composition fuels, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #0(TTPT), PP. 150 - 160.


cavitation; composition fuel; hydrocavitation injector; microwave plasma generator; activation; phenolic wastewater


In this paper we suggest the use of new types of artificial composite liquid fuels (ACLF) based on substandard hydrocarbons of high-ash coal, biomass, various waste products to replace traditional hydrocarbon energy carriers. High consumer characteristics of these fuels are achieved through the development and implementation of new technological methods for their production and combustion.
The complex of installations for carrying out researches of processes of production, preparation and combustion new types of composition fuels is created in the department of nonconventional power technologies of Podgornyi Institute of problems of mechanical engineering NAS of Ukraine. This complex includes several research and technological modules. Various individual components and their combinations are used to prepare the «model» composition fuel with given consumer characteristics. Thus, hydrocavitation and mechano-chemical activation techniques are used to improve the physical, chemical, energy and environmental properties of the resultant fuel during the preparation of the composition fuel. Pre-ignition activation of fuels is achieved by its atomization using hydrocavitation nozzles. Further combustion activation of the spray composite fuel produced in the burner with the possibility of tangential secondary air supply and the ability to connect the microwave plasma generator. A measurement of volumetric concentrations of pollutants in exhaust gases produced combustion fuel is performed by a gas analyzer, gas intake device is installed in the flue has tube of the burning device (burner). Also, a determination of economic obtaining efficiency of ACLF is performed.
The created experimental complex allows us to investigate the influence of mechanical and chemical, hydrocavitation and plasma activation methods of physical and chemical processes on the energy and environmental performance of production, preparation and combustion new composite fuel emulsions and suspensions. Research wich carried out on it showed the possibility of involvement of the various wastes as components of composition fuels. Thus, the use of phenol wastewater (PWW) as a liquid phase ACLF not only allows it to recycle, but also improve the properties of water-fuel emulsions and suspensions (stability, viscosity, dispersibility).


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