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Chernyavskiy N.V.1, Kosyachkov A.V.1, Filippenko Yu.N.2, Rudavina E.V.2, Voronov A.N.2

1Coal Energy Technology Institute NAS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine
2State Enterprise "Ukrniiugleobogaschenie" (Ukrainian Research Institute of Cleaning of Coal Concentrate), Lugansk, Ukraine


Chernyavskiy, N.V., Kosyachkov, A.V., Filippenko, Yu.N., Rudavina, E.V. and Voronov, A.N., (2013) Development of performance requirements of coals for the pulverized combustion and of the methods of their sampling and testing, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #0(TTPT), PP. 137 - 149.


coals; pulverized combustion; thermal power plants


In recent years, the coal products supplied to the power stations in Ukraine, according to such parameters as ash content, moisture content, net calorific value, became close to the performance requirements of pulverized coal-fired boilers, which allows coal combustion without gas addition in a wide range of load control. However, it revealed problems that previously were not given much importance, and which require the development of new methods of coal sampling, testing and parameters’ calculations. This paper describes three new methods.
The first is a method of express control of coal grade at the actual coal ash. It is needed because each boiler and pulverized coal preparation system was designed for a certain grade of coal, which is not always guaranteed when coal supply. According to current standards, the grade is determined for the coal sample, enriched to less than 10% ash content. Based on the experimental studies, a method is developed of caloric value and volatile yield calculating on dry ash-free state accounting thermal decomposition of coal mineral matter. Coal grade express-control is performed by comparing the calorific value and volatile yield.
The second is a method of coal homogeneity controlling in the party and when mixing at power plant stock. It is necessary to ensure the burning stability and coal-pulverization systems safety. The method is based on a sampling of coal increments of the cars or the conveyor and on a statistical analysis of the ash content and volatile yield scatter.
The third is a method of calculation of coal explosiveness criterion which is developed in Russia but for Ukrainian energy coal is applied for the first time. It is shown that by these criterion Donetsk bituminous coals correspond to the safety and conditions operation of coal-pulverization systems, but its value is shifted upwards, which requires the introduction of additional limitations on the ash content and/or on flow temperature after the coal mill.
After industrial testing it is advisable to consider the inclusion of the methods proposed into the modern technical regulations.


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