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Chernyavskiy N.V.

Coal Energy Technology Institute NAS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine


Chernyavskiy, N.V., (2013) Opportunities of steam coal mining and promising application in Ukraine, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #0(TTPT), PP. 91 - 104.


steam coal; mining; сleaning of coal


Coal reserves in Ukraine are of 44.6 billion tons and 31 billion tons of them is steam coal. Therefore, coal is considered as the basis of domestic power sector. During the first 20 years of independence, due to the general decline in production in the country and to the lack of investment in the coal sector, reserves amount and existing mines production capacity decreased. This gave reason to talk about coal deficit as a long-term trend and encouraged to seek solid fuels additional resources as brown coal, coal waste, carbon-containing ash dumps material, solid biofuels. The more than 10 million tons increase in coal production in the last 2 years, or 14.3%, was due to the privatized steam coal mines. In 2012 the production capacity of 28 DTEK Group mines was almost equal to the production capacity of 57 state-owned mines, but the first were used much more intensively: DTEK mines produced 2.4 times more coal than state-owned ones. Among the 26 plants that enrich the steam coal 24 are privatized or rented. Their production capacity exceeds 72 million tons per year, which is more than the entire production volume of steam coal. Now 77-78% of energy coal mined is enriched with concentrate output about 62% with ash content of about 20%. However, today the fuel matter loss in tailings constitutes more than 14%.
The share of Ukrainian steam coal use at thermal power plants is 86%, the rest goes to the combined heat and power plants, for boilers, for domestic use and for export. The prospects of coal mining increase relate to the development of power generating facilities and to the new industries creation on the basis of steam coal, such as gasification plants. With a surplus of coal, CFB boilers should be designed to burn not coal waste but intermediate enrichment product, which requires less effort to prepare for combustion. The coal preparation transition to 3-products schemes will enable the controlled fuel supply the both CFB power units and new pulverized coal boilers, as well as gasification plants which require less ash content than is applied to the existing thermal power plants, while reducing fuel matter loss in tailings down to 2-7%.


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