2012 2(10)

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Kupershtokh A.L.

Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia


Kupershtokh, A.L., (2012) Phase transitions liquid-vapor in strong electric fields, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #2(10), PP. 264 - 271.


Lattice Boltzmann Equation Method; phase transitions; dynamics of multiphase media; binary mixtures; breakdown of dielectric liquids; electrostrictive instability; computer simulations; parallel computing; graphics processing units; hybrid GPU-clusters


In the lattice Boltzmann equation method (LBE), the different phases of a substance are usually simulated as one fluid. Use of Graphics Processing Units (GPU) allows us to exploit a new level of simulations of multi-physic problems. The 3D simulations of a spinodal decomposition were carried out on grids consisting of more than 250 million nodes. The simulations of an anisotropic decay of binary mixtures of dielectric liquids with a solute gas in strong electric fields to a system of gas-vapor filamentary channels in a liquid was performed. The gas-vapor channels expand because of the diffusion of a solute gas from the liquid, evaporation of liquid into channels, and due to a process of coalescence of channels. The critical value of the uniform electric field decreases considerably with an increase in the initial concentration of a solute gas. This indicates that such an anisotropic (electrostrictive) mechanism of the generation, growth and branching of the channels of streamer during the breakdown of real dielectric liquids in the nanosecond range is possible.


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