2012 2(10)

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Mochalin E.V.

Donbass State Technical University, Alchevsk, Ukraine


Mochalin, E.V., (2012) Hydrodynamics and heat transfer in Taylor-Couette flow with forced radial troughflow, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #2(10), PP. 251 - 259.



The flow between unmovable outer and rotating inner permeable cylinders with suction and blowing of liquid through the inner one is explored. The results of numerical simulation, reproducing various flow regimes: from stable laminar to turbulent macro-vortical liquid motion, compared with the results of linear analysis of centrifugal stability. The ability of stabilization of flow without macrovortex by means of suction in the wide range of rotation rate is confirmed together with the applicability of linear theory results for estimation of the bound of Taylor vortexes onset. The significant differences between linear analysis and numerical simulation data are shown in case of blowing of liquids. The influence of discrete blowing through the longitudinal gaps on the flow nature in annular region is displayed. The ability of considerable heat transfer increase from rotating cylinder by means of suction of liquid trough its surface is demonstrated.


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