2012 2(10)

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Davletshin I.A., Dushin N.S., Mikheev N.I.

Research Centre for Power Engineering Problems, Kazan Scientific Centre (KNC) of RAS, Kazan, Russia


Davletshin, I.A., Dushin, N.S. and Mikheev, N.I., (2012) Vortical structure of near-wall region of pulsating flow around spanwise ribs, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #2(10), PP. 200 - 206.


pulsating flow; rib; flow separation; vortical structure; classification; vorticity; frequency; amplitude; heat transfer augmentation


Results of experimental research of the kinematic structure of pulsating air flow in a channel with spanwise ribs are presented. Qualitative and quantitative information on vortical structure of the near-wall flow behind the obstacles has been obtained using flow visualization technique. Classification of the flow structure into four types is submitted: quasisteady, low-frequency, resonance, and high-frequency flow regimes. The classification agrees well with the previously obtained data on reduction of the reattachment length and heat transfer augmentation in a pulsating separated flow. The map of the indicated flow regimes depending on the frequency and amplitude of superimposed flow rate pulsations has been developed. Heat transfer augmentation effect has been compared to some generalized characteristic of vortical motion.


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