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Fomin P.A., Vasiliev A.A.

Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia


Fomin, P.A. and Vasiliev, A.A., (2012) Modeling of shock induced ignition of a single bubbles with fuel vapor concentration outside a flammable range, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #2(10), PP. 187 - 193.


bubble; shock induced ignition; flammable limits; explosion safety


Shock induced dynamics and ignition of oxygen containing bubbles in liquid fuels are calculated. Fuel vapor concentration in bubbles is outside a flammable domain. The possibility of fuel vapor condensation of a fuel-rich bubble in liquid cyclohexane during compression is discussed. As a result of fuel vapor condensation the bubbles, which have an initial gas composition above the upper flammable limit, can, nevertheless, explode. The rate of condensation process is estimated. This process is fast enough to shift a chemical composition of a gas into the flammable domain during the first bubble oscillation. Fuel-lean oxygen containing bubbles in 2-ethylhexanal and cumene are considered. It is shown theoretically that fuel vaporization into a bubble, caused by mechanical mixing of liquid and gas phase can increase essentially fuel vapor concentration in the bubble and shift the chemical composition to the flammability domain. This process together with the simultaneous increase of gas temperature during shock induced bubble compression provides reasonable explanation to experimental observations of fuel-lean bubbles ignition.


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