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Sulatskiy A.A.

A.P.Aleksandrov Scientific Research Tecnological Institute (NITI), Sosnovy Bor, Russia


Sulatskiy, A.A., (2012) Mathematical model of zirconium liquid-phase burning, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #2(10), PP. 3 - 9.


reactor severe accident; molten corium; core catcher; sacrificial material; zirconium; liquid-phase burning; mathematical model


The paper presents a semi-empirical model for liquid-phase burning (LPB) of zirconium which is contained in molten corium generated after a severe accident in a VVER type reactor and relocated into a core catcher. Burning occurs in a thin molten corium layer (burning front – BF) adjacent to the surface of solid “sacrificial material” which is a source of oxygen. Based on experiment data, a process model is developed which is valid for arbitrary conditions of heat transfer between BF and melt. Dimensionless variables are suggested for describing the process in the generalized form. Different cases of BF-melt interaction are considered. Conditions for initiation of aperiodic instability in liquid-phase burning of zirconium are obtained.


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