2011 1(6)

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Osipov A.M., Popov A.F., Shendrik T.G., Grishchuk S.V.

Institute of Physical Organic and Coal Chemistry named after.L.M.Litvinenko NAS of Ukraine, Donetsk, Ukraine


Osipov, A.M., Popov, A.F., Shendrik, T.G. and Grishchuk, S.V., (2011) The best directions of ashless coal utilization, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #1(6), PP. 42 - 46.


ashless coal; combustion; gasification; superpurity metals manufacturing


The prospect methods of ashless coal production such as fossil coal processing by aqueous solutions of acid or alkali and thermal solubilization in the liquid products of coking were discussed. The best directions of ashless coal utilization as to thermal efficiency and chemical potential implementation have been considered. There are transannular gasification for electricity production, catalytic gasification to produce syngas and hydrogen, the addition to coke blend, carbon fuel cell, superpurity metals melting, obtaining adsorbents with the desired properties. It has been shown that the thermal efficiency can reach 45−48 %, the noxious gases emission decreases by 13−40 % compared with fossil coal combustion. The cost of ashless coal obtained by the new technology should exceed the raw coal price not more than at 15−25 %.


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