2010 2(4)

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Nekrasova E.I.1, Kholpanov L.P.1, Nekrasov A.K.1

1 Electrostal politechnical Institute, Electrostal, Russia


Nekrasova, E.I., Kholpanov, L.P. and Nekrasov, A.K., (2010) Mathematical modelling of mechanics of multiphase environments at interphase interaction, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #2(4), PP. 159 - 164.


hydrodynamics; heat exchange; multiphase environments; disperse streams; a method of final differences


A destruction of metallurgical installations lining under thermal shock was investigated. For example a periclasse-chromite lining of DH-degasser was taken. Two types of thermal shock were considered – during heating and cooling of the lining. It was determinated, that these two types of thermal shock cause a different character of damage. A dynamic heat field and thermal stress of the lining during the thermal shock were cal-culated with finite elements method. Also, the size of lining damages was calculated. The most dangerous moments for the lining destruction were found. The calculating results are in good correspondence with investigation of damage sizes, measured after finish of installation usage.


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