2010 2(4)

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Zgurskiy V.A.

The Gas Institute NAS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine


Zgurskiy, V.A., (2010) Research of transfer processes intensification in a high temperature tube heat exchanger, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #2(4), PP. 153 - 158.



The mathematical model is offered and results of mathematical modelling of movement of the heterogeneous viscous incompressible environment with firm spherical disperse particles in conditions non-stationary free thermal convection, to caused constants on time thermal influence on one of lateral walls of a bidimentional cavity and input in settlement area of firm spherical particles are resulted. The purposes are: revealing of influence of interphase interaction of disperse particles and the carrying environment for absolute and relative speeds of movement of the carrying environment and disperse particles, construction of trajectories of their movement and definition of distribution of particles in volume of the heterogeneous environment in various conditions.


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