2010 2(4)

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Soroka B.S.1, Khalatov A.A.1, Zgurskiy V.A.1, Borisov I.I.1

1 Institute For Engineering Thermal Physics NAS of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine


Soroka, B.S., Khalatov, A.A., Zgurskiy, V.A. and Borisov, I.I., (2010) Simulation of heat transfer within recuperative tube equipped with the insert: simulation, experiment, Modern Science: Researches, Ideas, Results, Technologies, Iss. #2(4), PP. 147 - 152.


air flow preheating; CFD modeling; cross-similar insert; heat exchange within tube; recuperator; secondary emitter; set-up with electric heater; turbulence model


The comparison of the results of numerical simulation of the heat exchange process within initial site of the tube equipped with the cross-formed insert with the data on air flow preheating and temperature patterns along the tube and the insert obtained under experimental investigations at the experimental set-up in conditions of fixed heat flux supply from the channel walls has been carried out. Good coincidence has been stated between respective values of predicted and measured temperatures. It confirms adequacy of the complex mathematical model for the moving medium and for the surfaces under consideration by taking “realizable” turbulence model and due using of the “discrete ordinates” technique by calculation the radiative heat transfer.


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