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   Information for Authors

There are a necessary requirements for manuscripts to contain the following chapters:

  • formulation of the problem and its relationship to important scientific and practical tasks;

  • analysis of last researches and publications, in which the problem is considering;

  • identification the parts of problem, which are not resolved in the previous researches;

  • formulation of the manuscript objectives and scientific novelty describing;

  • basic description of research and justification of scientific results;

  • conclusions and future perspectives of the research described.

You can download author rules in the MS Word documents below.

Author rules


   Editorial Policy and Publications Ethics

Editorial office of journal "Modern science: research, ideas, results, technology" follow the rules to provide the most comfortable interacting with the authors of papers submitted for publication. We maintain a certain level of requirements for the selection and acceptance of articles. These standards are defined by the scientific directions of journal and quality standards of scientific work and its presentation, which are accepted by the scientific community. Editors aim to provide unprejudiced and fastest possible evaluation of submitted materials.........(expand)

All manuscripts submitted are peer-reviewed. We are working with Reviewers from different scientific areas and different countries. Because the reviewers have their own obligations, the time for review can be lengthy. However, Editors always ask Reviewers make review for us as soon as possible. Time for review does not exceed 3-5 work days, usually.

If the Reviewer send to Editorial office negative conclusion, Editors recommend to authors make correction in their manuscript with correspondence of Rewiever's comments. After making all corrections authors have to send new version of paper to Editorial office. The paper will send to the Reviewer again. If conclusion will positive, manuscript will published in the journal. In case of get negative conclusion again, Editors refuse to make publication of the manuscript.

The Name of Reviewers are not disclosed.




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