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   Basic info

"Modern science: researches, ideas,  results, technologies" journal was founded on 2009.


Scientific-production innovation company "Triacon" www.triacon.org

Area of distributing


Registation data:

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registration number: KB №15293-3865Р

International standard serial numbers:
ISSN 2522-9214 (Online), ISSN 2076-6866 (Print)


Russian, English





   Aims and scope

"Modern science: researches, ideas, results, technologies" journal is an international, multi-disciplinary journal which covers research in mechanical engineering, thermal sciences and related topics in physics and mathematics. We aim to become an open scientific platform for discussion of researches, ideas, results in the wide area of engineering, power engineering, heat and mass transfer, hydro and gas dynamics, energy conversion and conservation, etc. both applied and fundamental.

The specification of papers in correspondence to HAC(VAK) of Ukraine and Russia are:

01.ХХ.ХХ – "Physics and Mathematics"

05.ХХ.ХХ – "Technical sciences" (Engineering)


"Modern science: researches, ideas, results, technologies" is a peer-reviewed edition.

We are in connection with famous scientists and specialists in different areas, who review each paper before publication and make its estimation.





   Type of edition

Each issue of "Modern science: researches, ideas, results, technologies" journal is published in two forms: both print and electronic. Electronic form is available for free at journal website in the Issues page.




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